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Diamonds in the Rough: Art Direction Capturing the Fierce Beauty of a Jewelry Brand

As art director for Judith Ripka’s campaign launch highlighting their new stones, I was tasked with concepting and executing an elegant yet gritty fashion editorial that punched up the glistening glory of uncut gems against an ethereal backdrop and warm lighting.

My prep focused on aligning the team to create impactful shadows and dimensions playing with a moody, low-key lighting scheme. After establishing designated fine jewelry handling zones, I lead the charge embrace some calculated risks channelling gritty elegance.

I worked closely with the photographer and lighting technicians to angle spotlights on our model, sculpting a chiaroscuro effect making facets sparkle while swathing her in inky blacks. We rendered individual jewels as constellations floating across her silhouette, using gobos and flags for added drama.

Between captures, I would personally assist fitting one-of-a-kind chained pieces to accelerate multiple dazzling set changes. Guiding with an eagle eye on jewels, my art direction emphasised elongating the model’s striking angles to echo, mirror and fragment their organic diamond forms for visual tension.

By the final shot, we felt transported to a glamorous netherworld contradiction - precious diamonds transiently illuminated then drowned in shadow - matching the provocative branding desired. I believe the campaign result made timeless elegance and contemporary edge collide!


If you have an upcoming photoshoot or campaign that would benefit from detailed art direction and lighting concepts tailored to showcase product design and details, I would love to collaborate! My creative vision blending aesthetic dimensions with practical optimizations allows brands to convey the essence of their new collections vividly.

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