Mariana Quevedo

Mariana Quevedo is both creator and communicator. Using the language of the visual rather than the verbal, she speaks to us in traces of thought captured through her lens. She is inspired by the past but moved to translate the present. She might being with something as brief as a moment, something as simple asa color or something concrete as a found image and end by leading us into an experience with the visceral and the ethereal. 

Born in Lima, Peru, raised in Ohio and residing in Brooklyn, Mariana can trace her relationship with photography back to age 12. She was struck by the vividness of a candid from a SLR that her uncle had taken of her and her cousins playing in the backyard. You can playfully say that she became enamored with the study of light and shadow and the possibilities of the image after viewing those prints. Through her style and technique have certainly evolved, Mariana continues of this study today.